The Global Currency Revaluation… Yawn

by nielskunze on November 10, 2014

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When I was young I dreamed of winning the lottery. I imagined the life of ease I could enjoy… and perhaps accomplish a little good along the way…

Thankfully, my soul– my Higher Self, that author of my experience– isn’t a complete idiot! It’s easy to see now, that had I actually won the lottery, I would have essentially wasted my life. But believe me, at the time, I REALLY REALLY wanted to win the lottery… and was convinced of its appropriateness.

Well, it looks like the new global financial system is soon to be rolled out onto the world stage, and with it, the currency revaluation. Holders of dongs and dinars and other choice currencies have been waiting many years for this watershed moment to become the main catalyst for transforming the world. There was an implicit promise that there would emerge– post revaluation– ‘a million new millionaires.’ Sorry folks, but it ain’t gonna happen… at least, not the way you’ve been led to believe.

My recent article Blood Money For Everyone pissed you off, I know. In it, I briefly described the ‘re-phoenixing’ of the system and how it might look:

“We’ll all be taken to the top of a very high fiscal cliff. Some smooth-talking huckster will stand before us presenting the new financial system. Most of us won’t understand a word he’s saying, but one or two of us might notice that the new system metaphorically resembles a big ol’ clunky rock. With great fanfare, the huckster will explain how this rock-like thing which he’s calling the new equitable system will carry us all into a golden age of prosperity for all. And then, very dramatically, he will launch it. And we will all watch it fly from the very high fiscal cliff. “But excuse me sir,” a child will speak up. “It’s not really flying so much as it’s rather plummeting,” she’ll point out. “Nonsense!” cries the huckster again and again, right up until the moment that it crashes on the ground, proving once again that gravity– and all Universal Law– works… without any need for enforcement.”

Well, now it looks as though it might be a tad less dramatic than even that. It is currently scheduled to be the non-event of the century. The rates at which the currencies revaluate will be low– very low. There will be virtually no new overnight millionaires. Don’t worry, you will still recoup your initial investment… and a very small return… as the universe essentially says “Thank you, please try again.”

Allow me to offer some perspective on the situation. All the people who invested heavily in various choice currencies speculated on massive returns. Such an occurrence would be truly awesome– millions of new millionaires– many of whom want to do good in the world. That would be a very positive event indeed! And you’re expecting it to be delivered by the bad guys, the controllers, the manipulators. Think about that. Yeah, as if the powers-that-be are going to voluntarily provide the means for humanity’s emancipation!

No, they will very quietly implement the new system, becoming Basel III compliant with an asset-backed system of currencies. It’ll hardly even make the news. The vast majority of the population won’t even know that a new system has been implemented… because it won’t affect their lives in the least. It’ll be a total non-event. And what do you suppose the main asset backing the new currencies will be? Yes, that’s right, us– humanity. We are the value in the system– as we’ve always been. But we won’t be able to access and utilize that value; it’ll belong to the system. It’s the very same slavery system as before with no significant difference.

Again, don’t worry; it won’t fly… at least, not for very long. You’re not going to put up with this bullshit. You’re going to scream from the rooftops “This isn’t what I was promised!” All the would-be millionaires will finally get together and raise a royal stink. You’ll have to. Don’t you see? That’s how the universe is arranging things during this transition. NOTHING will be freely given to you– especially from the old system, or the old guard presiding over the ‘new’ system. This is a time of total self-empowerment. If you want something, you have to manifest it. And here’s a hint: you won’t manifest a damn thing if your whole plan is to wait for the old energy to deliver your life of ease on a silver platter. Time to get real.

This will be a very hard lesson for many. This is the deepest transformation the Light Creation has ever undergone. You will be pushed to your limits by world events, and the intrepid ones will move with grace beyond those old limits. Expect nothing within the old system to give you anything for free. It’s all about transparency. Every step forward will be taken in full consciousness; anything less just won’t fly.

So there’s going to be a whole bunch of pissed-off people shaking fistfuls of dongs (sorry, couldn’t resist), and they’re going to be out of their minds to get a better deal. And that’s where we have to watch for the next saviourship model to be rolled out. We might even expect our first encounters with the Galactics coming to save the day. After all, this ain’t the shite Saint Germain promised!

Beware the saviour who fails to fully empower. Anyone granting free gifts is not your friend– not even Santa.

Oh, and as for the arrests… The only ones I suspect will be arrested are the most unscrupulous of the currency dealers. The most obvious of the currency scammers will be arrested… but that’s all. Anything more widespread and comprehensive will have to come from the collective impetus of humanity itself. The White Knights are really powerless without us. Do you see how we’re being manipulated by events to finally come together and demand all that we’ve been promised? It’s perfect, really.

Now let’s watch with discernment and exquisite awareness how this all unfolds in the immediate future…

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