Thirteen Years… And the Truth Rolls Over

by nielskunze on September 11, 2014


The Truth About Gumby

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“Hey, I recognize you!

You’re Gumby.”

“Though quite understandable, you are nevertheless mistaken.”

“Well, who are you then?”


Prediction: By this time next year, there will hardly be a person in the world who still believes the official version of the events of 9/11, 2001.

What happened on September 11, 2001 in the USA was pivotal; it was mythic; it was downright archetypal… and it was a trigger for many colossal events to follow. And every year around the anniversary of the event, we are urged to never forget, as the fairytale promulgated by the mainstream media is rehashed like a hypnotist reinforcing old post-hypnotic suggestions. Just sayin’…

It’s been thirteen years now… and what do we know about the number thirteen? In the traditional tarot, it is the major arcana representing death and transformation. It is the number associated with Christ consciousness. In the western music tradition, the thirteenth semitone begins a new octave (seven whole notes and five sharps and flats = twelve equal steps). Some consider thirteen to be the unluckiest number, while others revere it as the most propitious. Thirteen is my favourite number.

I like numerology.

9/11, 2001 = ( 9 + 11 + 2 + 1 = 23, 2 + 3 = 5) 23/5

5 is the number for change, adventure and magic (pentagram anyone?). The double-digit correspondence for 23 in Numerology and the Divine Triangle speaks of protection, contracts and travel. A direct quote from the aforementioned passage, “Follow the advice you receive from superiors or those in a position to know more about the subject in question than you do,” applies on so many levels to the 9/11 phenomenon.

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Thirteen years ago, a drastic change was thrust upon us. We adapted the best we could and watched the repercussions ripple out across the world. What an adventure it’s been!

The magic spell was contracted to provide protection for 13 years. Then the spell undergoes a transformation– a death and resurrection kinda thing– as the whole thing moves into a higher octave.

9/11, 2014 = (9 + 11 + 2 + 1 + 4 = 27, 2 + 7 = 9) 27/9

9 is the number of completion. It speaks of changes, endings and inspiration. “Events take place quickly at this time, with many stops and starts, because you are experiencing a period of change and transition.” Paul Case suggests that “You must make the final selection between assimilable material and what is rejected as waste.”

The double-digit correspondence for 27 speaks to birth and the start of new business. “Things are growing, blossoming and bearing fruit under this vibration.”

Any person who has undergone real growth has surely learned that turning our greatest tragedies into our greatest teachers and treasures is not only possible but quite desirable. As a world, we can do it too. And we will.

The rest of the world views North America– we Canadians and Americans– kind of like their slightly retarded half-brother when it comes to 9/11 lore. Is it any wonder, when still half of our populace believes that two planes crashing into the tops of two buildings will naturally result in three buildings turning to dust and collapsing into their own footprint within hours? It’s physics, right? Oh wait… what universe is this? And hardly anyone wonders why the Pentagon, probably the most surveilled building in the world, has never released video footage of the airliner crashing into its wall. You know, the one that mostly vaporized on impact? Or otherwise vanished through a small hole in the wall… never to be seen again!

There’s hundreds if not thousands of unanswered or unacceptably answered questions from that day. On this anniversary, the alternative news media is saturated with all that ‘conspiracy theory’ stuff. But that brings me to one point I’d like to make.

I’ve made it public that I question the official version of events on that day. I’ve been presented with a set of ‘facts.’ I’ve looked at them for a very long time and tried my best to fit them together. But they don’t add up. And as I say so, I usually hear in response from the stubborn ones “Well, if you don’t believe the official version, what do you think happened?”

What I think might’ve happened is completely irrelevant. I have no insider connections, no special investigative leads or talents. I wasn’t there. There is, of course, no reasonable means by which I can be expected to know what actually happened. I can’t; I don’t. So what?

I’ve evaluated what I’ve been given… and come to the conclusion that it’s bunk. It’s riddled with lies and omissions. At a very basic level it doesn’t make sense! And that’s not me being a ‘conspiracy theorist;’ that’s me being just your average critical thinker. No counter-theories required, thank you very much!

The truth allowed itself to be laid facedown for a period of thirteen years, during which it– and we– took it repeatedly up the ass. And now the truth rolls over…

Happy anniversary everyone!

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