Open Letter to the Reptilian Hybrids

by nielskunze on September 28, 2011

You have stood behind us for eons now— not in the sense of lending support, but as the herding dogs nipping at our heels. As the human herd runs blindly onward, a few look back to assess the pursuers, and I see you; I recognize you. I know you from my own nightmares, from the depths of my deepest fears. You have always lived in my shadow. And for the most part I have let you be.

As I stop identifying with the herd, I prepare myself to face you. The whole cosmos stands at my shoulder ready to lend a hand. Spirit wants this confrontation.

All your bluster is bark without bite; for I am the way forward— and you know it. You can’t hope to stand against the entire apparatus of the unfettered human spirit. It is as old as you, yet it continues to learn and to grow, whereas you do not. Evolution is a dead end to you; to me, it is an ongoing process which I call life.

As you squeeze the fist of tyranny and control, life flows like water through your fingers, and you haven’t enough helpers to plug all the holes. As millions more step away from the herd, millions of new battlefronts emerge. You cannot hope to meet them all. We are at least as relentless in pursuing our freedom as you have been in curtailing it. We will not stop— ever.

You have nothing to gain in opposing us. It is through our diversity and resilience that the next evolutionary leap will be defined on this planet. How can you hope to defeat evolution itself?

Nurture and support us and we will lead you to a world beyond your ability to conceive. Continue driving the herd heedlessly toward the precipice and so many will needlessly die— yourselves among them. The choice is easy. We would make a good partnership because of our divergent natures. I have great difficulty thinking like you, and I know that you are currently incapable of thinking like me. As we look at the future together we view it from opposite sides… and it is fully revealed!

As I speak to the herd about you and your machinations against us, I continually hear “We gotta kill those fucking bastards!” But I say “No, we need to understand those fucking bastards.” (Sorry, but let’s face it— you really are fucking bastards.) You have tried and tried to make us more like you, and yes, some have fallen for their own pretenses. But it’s just an act. We are not like you, and why should we like to be? You are a dead end. You have nowhere to go… unless we lead you onward— freely.

You rule by the dictates of fear. It’s all you know. You are fearful. I do not seek dominion over a universe which loves me. It is love which reveals the way forward. I am loving. To you our differences seem irreconcilable; to me they are not.

Trust me. Trust us. How could we possibly make a bigger mess of things than you have? I feel like a teenager asking for the keys to the car. You’ve already smashed it up so bad, Mom and Dad, that it hardly matters what I do. But what I’m saying is that I know I can fix it. In fact, I can make it better than new. We can engineer the future in ways that you can’t imagine. Oh yeah, that’s right; you don’t really even know what imagination is. We’ll teach you. You’ll love it.

Just trust yourselves. Trust in the “great” parenting job that you’ve done. Seriously, you’ve really forced us to grow up and take responsibility for ourselves. Thanks. You’ve delivered us to the moment where we must evolve or die. Just let us do what’s necessary to avert the impending catastrophe. We’re confident that without you looming over our shoulders mucking things up we can make all the difference.

Is any of this getting through? Or is it all falling on deaf ears? Do reptiles even have ears?

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