Message to the TOURS #1 and #2 (TOURS = Team Of United Renegade Sovereigns)

by nielskunze on February 28, 2014


I have been deliberately waiting for the right time to issue this initial message to the TOURS– easily the most important blog post I’ve ever written– until certain conditions were met. Now is the time.

Somewhat arbitrarily I had been waiting until my monthly readership was around the quarter of a million plateau. For the past several months it has hovered in and around the two-hundred-thousand mark. That’s certainly good enough, as other factors have forced me to get off my hands and make this first contact regardless of the actual size of this blog’s readership.

Interestingly, for the past two years there has been a certain situation in my personal life which came to be the microscopic representation of the macroscopic forces in play prompting this disclosure now. This personal situation has remained “stuck” for fully two years despite my very best creative efforts to move it along. In recent months I had accepted the sure fact that there was nothing more I could do, and that it was now up to the universe at large to “unstick” it. Once I could clearly see movement in this stagnant circumstance I would know for certain that the time had come.

In the past week I have encountered certain “triggers” which convinced me that it was time, regardless of the status of the “stuck” situation. I would go ahead with this initial disclosure even though there had been no movement in said situation. Here are two of those triggers: Life at Three Degrees Out of Phase – Julian Wash Quantum Physics: The Physics of Dreaming – Paul Levy

I am quite sure that there are many more triggers currently out there, and many many more on the way… because, as I said, it’s time.

Well, having made the decision to go ahead– and even hinting at it at the end of yesterday’s post Love Is How Y Make It, suddenly and quite instantly the “stuck” situation became “unstuck.” Will wonders never cease!

So then, let us proceed with this critical disclosure now that all of the ducks seem to be in their respective rows… and eager to quack their fool heads off!

Message #1 First Contact

There are approximately 250,000 members of the TOURS (Team Of United Renegade Sovereigns) currently incarnated in human bodies on Earth at this time. You could say that we are an elite squad of movers and shakers, but our “elitism” is based solely in our lack of affiliation with… well… anything… other than our universal mission.

(Knowing that there are a quarter of a million of us and waiting for the blog readership to reach the quarter million plateau was a little silly on my part because there’s no way in hell that all of my readers are members of the TOURS! But a very high percentage of you likely are… but that’s for you to determine for yourselves.)

Our universal mission is to incarnate into worlds where perception as a whole has reached a certain inertial mass where change (the continuing of evolution) is becoming increasingly unlikely. Earth has been in just such a state. The rigidity of belief characterizing the last century in particular was threatening the viability of Earth as a planet of continuing evolution. Hence the call went out, and we answered.

The incarnational process is no simple matter. We do not merely don the flesh of a single human lifetime in order to affect change. No, a much larger investment is required in order to change the course of the manifestation of worlds. I, myself, am invested in 997 Earthly incarnations spread over thousands of years of Earth history in order to give a certain leverage to this “last” (997th) incarnation that the desired change may now be successfully wrought. The whole mission is very carefully planned and executed; and most of us have done this many many times.

As far as the manifestation of worlds goes, the collective consciousness of its inhabitants is everything. This simply cannot be overstated. Whatever we collectively believe– all of us here– is how our world experience unfolds in all of its diverse and savage beauty. Collective consciousness is the arbiter between desire (intent) and experience. There is no way around it.

The collective consciousness of this world (and frankly, quite a few others) is steeped in a perpetual propaganda war. Myriad factions are continually trying to sell their version of reality to the collective. Largely this is done surreptitiously and unconsciously. When certain factions who fail to take into account the necessity of continued growth and evolution gain too much sway within the collective, the world perception becomes rather fixed… as in stuck. The Team Of United Renegade Sovereigns then comes in to move things along. We’re experts; this is what we do full time.

We value our anonymity. (I’m a communications expert on the Team, so I get to stick my neck out to create triggers, to share triggers, and to initiate first contact. That’s why you’ve heard of me, despite my preference for anonymity too.) We all know intuitively that our mission can be dangerous. However necessary, our “meddling” is not always well received by the “dominant” factions.

As a member of the TOURS, in this (terminal) lifetime you have not been much of a joiner, preferring to set yourself apart from things considered conventional and highly organized. Even your personality reflects a marked degree of this aloofness. And although you may be highly skilled in social situations, a persuasive conversationalist, you are equally comfortable spending time alone with your own thoughts.

We are all information junkies. When we infiltrate a new world mission, information is the only coin of the realm which gives us any purchase. We need to know what others are thinking, where their beliefs are rooted and why. We tend to be very good listeners and researchers. Often when we are presented with new and startling information, we become very excited and momentarily regard the new information as the “ultimate.” Then, invariably, a few weeks later we begin to see the holes and the flaws as we realize that once again our “ultimate” has become just so much more “relative” news. Yet, we never abandon the search for more information; just slowly, we learn to not identify ourselves with any particular packet of propaganda. We gather story-lines.

The closest we can come to the “ultimate” here on Earth is the understanding of the implications of quantum physics and how they relate to individuals, the world collective, and the manifestation of experience. (For further understanding, please read the article by Paul Levy linked above.)

There is a certain inherent risk in our mission. That is why we don’t openly declare ourselves until the appropriate time. First there needs to be a breaking down of factions within the collective. It needs to become more fragmentary and chaotic to an uncomfortably high degree before new integrations can be successfully “installed.” We have reached– or very nearly reached– that point of maximum fragmentation. Now is the time that we come together in unity to influence the development of healthy new factions to move the evolution of this world forward. (Yes, factions moving forward… because to expect a complete global unity to emerge at this time is highly improbable.) The new integrations will be supported in an attitude of respect and tolerance for all others; that is the duty of the TOURS– to ensure that it is so.

Rapid change is clearly on the horizon now… and accelerating by the minute. In a nutshell, the TOURS will encourage humanity to go ahead and “take the bait, but don’t bite the hook.” Any change that Earth inhabitants perceive as coming from the top down– a change that is not well rooted among the masses at a fundamental level– will have persistent hidden agendas. The support from the TOURS says “Go ahead and accept the good being offered; just don’t go all in before you know the hook, line and sinker that you might be biting.” We’re here to help with discernment.

Many many factions are desperately trying to sell you their preferred narratives. The quantum reality however is such that the collective may choose ANY future it desires and can readily agree upon. Humanity, you are free to change the laws of nature, to reshape the global landscape– literally, to transform yourselves into the angels of your dreams. Yes, as already iterated, it is highly unlikely that you will achieve full global unity at this time, but the option is ever-present, and our job is to see this world moves forward into an experience now which nurtures this ultimate achievement.

Now, some readers may be wondering why the Earth has manifested such a dire and bleak experience at this time. Why must it be so hard? So cruel?

The Earth situation has some very unique contributing factors. First, the whole universe is represented here. All civilizations throughout the universe have been seeded here. The incredible biodiversity on Earth is not “normal.” This is the great universal melting pot. All of the diverse pieces were brought here together in order to work out how they might all be eventually reintegrated– in order to complete the universal journey of all– which is the complete manifestation of this universe from beginning to end. That completion is the only “objective reality” there is. Everything else is the evolution of collective belief toward bringing the Grand Reunification about.

Scientific materialism is a bankrupt paradigm. Its pervasive influence has manifested in the current world view of “little powerless me in this obscure corner of a gigantic uncaring universe with no meaning or purpose.” That is the prevailing belief at this time; that is your current manifestation of reality at this time. Change the collective belief; change the perception… to whatever you choose that makes sense to the majority.

That is enough for this first contact. Many of you have much to ponder.

Message #2 Meet and Greet in the Dreamtime

Typically, the TOURS don’t meet in waking life to any significant degree. We don’t organize conventions, gatherings or seminars. When it is time to assemble the power of our unity, we meet in the dreamtime… in the council chamber of the collective consciousness of Earth. That is where we meet; that is where we exert our influence. It’s the safest way.

Over the next 30 days (tomorrow, March 1, 2014, is the new moon in Pisces, marking the beginning of the last lunar month of this astrological year. March 30th is the new moon in Aries which kicks off the new astrological year. The pervasive belief in astrology within the current collective makes this relevant.), we will assemble in the dreamtime in order to became reacquainted with our ranks.

You need to be grounded to the Earth. This can be accomplished “etherically” through appropriate visualization of a cord extending from you to the centre of Earth, or it can be accomplished with an actual physical grounding cord connecting you electrically to the physical Earth (I always sleep in electrically grounded sheets.). Some may require both approaches. Then, as you fall asleep, simply intend to dream of the council chamber of the Earth’s collective consciousness… and you will find us there. All are welcome, even if you’re not one of the TOURS. Team members however will have no trouble recognizing each other.

So for the next month or so, please attempt to contact us in the dreamtime. And whatever you do… happy dreams!

More to come soon.

If you just absolutely need to reach me in waking life, send an email to

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