The Daily Forest Report February 17, 2014 Independently Healthy…

by nielskunze on February 16, 2014

Yeah, you see what I did there…

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Sometimes winter can be a bit harsh. Every cell in my body got squeezed like a tube of industrial toothpaste (whatever that might be). Nastiness oozed and streamed from every orifice as I sneezed my head clean off!

I get a little sick every three years or so… so this time was pretty much right on schedule. Don’t worry though, it’s only intense for about 36 to 48 hours… which are now thankfully over.

I’ve always viewed these minor bouts of illness as a cleanse and purge program, more than the result of a sudden infection. It’s more likely the bits of nastiness I’ve accumulated over the past three years that just had to come out before my body could be ready to handle the next phase of the magical journey. Cocooned in layers of mucous, it’s mostly all out now. (How do those oysters get inside my lungs anyway??)

I’ve never missed a day of work due to illness, and since the Forest Report is my new vocation, I forced myself up the hill yesterday too. All in all it was about a quarter of the distance we usually do, but it was quite enough to get me thoroughly exhausted… which was my plan. When I get sick, I like to force the issue to come quickly to a climax (like squishing a zit). I really don’t like dragging it out.

It inevitably forces me to do everything right for a few days, giving my physical body absolutely everything it could possibly need to mop up the mess. Subsequently, I thought I’d share some of the things I feel are of tremendous benefit in seeing me quickly through such bouts of indignity.

Okay, broken records first… vitamin D and lots of it, like 5,000 IU every few hours. Plenty of vitamin C too, in the form of camu camu berry powder and whole lemon lemonade which includes the pith and peel and even seeds. I took extra antioxidants too in the form of astaxanthin. For three days I took a vile each day of Quintessential Optimal Mineralization to make sure that I was topped up on all of the trace minerals which are sorely lacking in our overall food supply. And then iodine; that one was a bit surprising. I use a nascent form of liquid iodine which I place on my skin to see how quickly my body absorbs it through my skin. The more quickly it’s absorbed, the more deficient my body is at that moment. At the first application of 4 drops placed on my forearm, it had completely disappeared within 2 hours. That’s extremely rapid! Needless to say I’ve been keeping my arm painted an odd shade of iodine orange ever since. The absorption rate is beginning to slow down now. I fed myself on bone broth with truckloads of fresh garlic added. I know it’s working when I can smell garlic in the house the next day. I can. Yesterday I couldn’t taste or smell anything at all… and for a hedonist like me, that sucks! Finally, there’s the specialty herbal teas. In times of transition, cleansing and/or purging, adaptogens are especially helpful. Adaptogens help the body to cope with stress, moving it back toward homeostasis (baseline). Some of my favourite herbs are tulsi, gynostemma, cat’s claw, nettles, chaga, astragalus, ginseng and schizandra berry… tasty and oh-so-magical!

I’m so much better today than I was yesterday, I’m tending toward infinity and invincibility. I think I’m ready for spring now. How about you?

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