Dexter’s Elixir Part 2 “Polyester Waters”

by nielskunze on September 20, 2011


They’ve touched your mind with sharpened anarchy
Where’ve you been my young white prodigy?
Two rivers flow down different mountain slopes
The needles break like frozen climbing ropes

Forever in time precludes continuity
Tumblin’ space our new reality…

The Water:

Somewhere down in polyester waters
I made love to Pharaoh’s sixteen daughters
Ah, lost in awe
Oh, lost in awe!
By the moon I heard the serpent call me
Like the nympho mermaids in the calm sea
Ah, lost in awe
Oh, lost in awe!
Churning rocks that sing in metered verses
The phallic demons utter broken curses
Ah, lost in awe
Oh, lost in awe!
Pleasure strikes its beat in violent voices
Orgy dreams still roll like mystic choices
Ah, lost in awe
Oh, lost in awe!


There you are my bleeding catamite
Your sickness wanes by proof of your delight
These fragments are our own shattered luck
We’ve lived an hour of this unconscious fuck…

One comment

funny, I knew many well maybe half of the words certainly not all of them. Stuck for so long in trying to give them a solid backdrop so that they could be appreciated and maybe understood. Still trying…

by Ian on December 23, 2011 at 6:23 am. Reply #

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